Here is something for fun, but you can also use it to help you to make positive affirmations about yourself as well as give you help when you’re not sure what to do!! Something we never do enough is really acknowledge and accept what qualities we have… To do so is not to be arrogant or self-centered or even egotistical! It is simply an honest observation and evaluation of ourselves and acceptance of what we may need to work on and what our strengths are… Also when we are in the thick of “it”, it is oftentimes hard to remember “the thing” we decided we would do “next time” we’re having a hard time, so this will give you the answer right there in black and white when the time comes!

There is BEAUTY within each and every one of us!!! We should be able to look ourselves, either by viewing the exterior in the mirror or what is inside of us, HONESTLY and without CRITICISM!! I believe if we “play to our strengths” we generally have less turmoil, etc… The gifts we were given were assigned to US for a reason! So…

Figure out what your strengths/challenges are

Learn to be able to give positive affirmations to yourself daily

Find out what your triggers are to “old” behaviors

Don’t be afraid to try and DO new things

Begin to discover what you are passionate about

And then… GO FOR IT or just DO IT!!! J


Below are several questions about you… Please just fill in the blanks to complete the sentence and answer! But dig deep and Be Honest and don’t be afraid that you may sound like you’re bragging, because I promise you it’s not that – It is INSIGHT! Take your time and Have Fun!!!



  1. What makes me weak? ______________________________
  2. What makes me whole? _____________________________
  3. What keeps me standing? ____________________________
  4. What makes me compassionate? ______________________
  5. What makes me honest? _____________________________
  6. What sustains my mind? _____________________________
  7. What teaches me lessons? ___________________________
  8. What lifts my head high? ____________________________
  9. What if I can’t let go? _______________________________
  10. What makes me victorious? __________________________
  11. What makes me competent? __________________________
  12. What makes me sensual? ____________________________
  13. What makes me beautiful/attractive? ___________________
  14. What makes me a Woman (or Man)? ____________________
  15. Who says I need love? _______________________________
  16. What empowers me? ________________________________
  17. WHO am I? _______________________________________
  18. What makes ME me? ________________________________
  19. What can I give/do I have to offer to the world? ____________
  20. What do I need to help me be strong? ___________________
  21. What can I give up/change? ___________________________
  22. What won’t I give up/change for anyone? ________________
  23. What new experiences can I try? _______________________
  24. What brings me joy or sustains my spirit? _________________
  25. What first steps can I take to be where I need to be? ________
  26. Who can I call when I need to be built up? ________________
  27. What is my best quality? _____________________________
  28. What is my biggest challenge? _________________________
  29. What do I have going for me? __________________________
  30. What do I need to remember when I want to give up? ________



    Once you complete this, you can either share your answers or not, but at the very least maybe make a copy and keep it close so that when you are down, feeling lost, looking for answers or encouragement you can refer to it and put it into action!!!


With Much Love and Respect, I honor YOU in all your Uniqueness and Beauty!!!!! ❤ ~ Bren