Bren’s Rant 4 the day: (My Political Opinion):


I ask you:
When human societies are raised with socialistic ideals, principles and beliefs and are taught Dependence upon their government with no real understanding, knowledge or experience in how to go about securing their own futures, let alone financial security…  And then, for years this society is ruled by a dictatorship that keeps it’s people “down” by not paying them decent enough wages that might enable them to get out from under the thumb of it’s ruling government or to achieve any kind of real success, through either fiscal responsibility or by the strength of their convictions!  THIS is the end result!!
Egyptians have tolerated the oppression and abusiveness from their current government regime for so long now and you CANNOT expect that people living under those conditions will just stand by and “take it” forever!  Especially when their food, commodities and textile prices have shot through the roof and then access to them is cut off!!!  When the controlling entity says “No! You have no say in how you will live or the quality of life you shall have!” and then severs communication from it’s citizens to the outside world through cellular service, social networking, preventing social media transmissions to the outside world, denying them any means of travel and then ultimately turns it’s guns and “police force” on it’s own people…
Well, I don’t like saying it, but What The Hell Do People Expect????
   Continuous Complete Compliance????  NOT!!!!
And these people (mostly extreme left) that are not only supporting what is happening over in Egypt, but calling for the same to happen right here in America – “Revolution” is being called for here by our own people!!!
Has everyone gone absolutely “MAD”????  Do they not understand that the reason this is going on there is because of FAILED progressive, socialistic, Marxist philosophies and unchallenged abuses of power like those of dictators!?
Please pay attention to what is happening right here under our noses in our own country and how it’s all related!!
Do we not realize what the objective here is?  ISLAMIC SOCIALISM and the total annihilation of Israel of the United States!!  They (“The Muslim Brotherhood”) are preparing for WAR and calling for the killing of “all Jews”!!  They are doing exactly what they have been promising to do all along.  This is not just about Egypt… This is connected to 9/11, my friends, this is not something that will be “old news” next month.  Not to mention the fact that everything that is happening over there right now, could very easily happen HERE!!  Hasn’t this situation shown us how easily it can be done?  They have been gearing up for this for a long time and have had centuries in which their hatred has been fed.  And with our current “progressive” policies, we are even more at risk!!  They are perfectly positioned to keep their promise… Unless maybe WE DO SOMETHING!!!   We better take these people seriously and realize they have the means to do just exactly what they have said they were going to do!!
Where exactly do we (the United States) stand in this whole situation?  Is President Obama going to just continue to “urge” the government and Egypt’s people to just get along?  Because it seems to me that is about as much of a stand that he is taking in this situation.  We better stop and take notice what exactly is really going on there and what kind of impact this will have not only on us and the world in general, but ISRAEL! How can this be allowed to continue?  Haven’t we turned our heads and looked away from the truth of what has been going on for long enough?  How can they be allowed to kidnap American citizens and threaten their lives and nothing be done about it?  WHEN are we as a nation going to STAND UP and no longer “talk about it” but “BE ABOUT IT”!?   They have been laughing at the U.S. for long enough, baiting us, toying with us to see how far they can push it!  We had no business supporting this vicious dictator to begin with, but when our government is more concerned with “keeping it’s enemies closer” or with appearances rather than STANDING FOR SOMETHING and showing that our country still stands on the principles under which it was formed, this is the result!!!
Of course, this is just my opinion….  
Thanks for letting me “rant”!  πŸ™‚   Bren4Life  β€

2 thoughts on “AN UPRISING IN EGYPT

  1. The US, as an entity, has demonstrated more interest in political expediency than principles for many years (since the Progressive Movement). This country, and the rest of the world, for that matter, needs prolonged exposure to truth, not propaganda and rhetoric. Only through truth can the world have a better understanding of each other. The world may never agree with everyone, but with truth, they can at least have some understanding.

  2. @Steve ~ I could not agree with you more!!! Unfortunately, people have become so conditioned to blindly follow current ideology and not think for themselves… therefore not seeking the TRUTH!! ("The truth shall set you (US) free!"Thanks for posting, btw!! πŸ™‚

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